Tuesday, January 17

eat clean, get lean...rapid fat loss diet - day 21

no matter what diet you're on, you should only step on the scale once a week. not to mention, it should be the same day of the week and the same time. oh, and the best time is in the morning after you pee.

well, i broke this rule.

it all started when LT mentioned that he had lost a whopping 10 pounds in 3 weeks. i won't lie...i got a little jealous. he hasn't even been particularly faithful on the diet. i on the other hand have been markedly meticulous. 10 pounds...seriously! i wasn't going to give him a hard time for his success. it was his birthday after.

i immediately ran into the bathroom, stripped down, and ever so lightly, as to not freak out the scale, i stepped on.

my heart sank...i hadn't even lost the tiniest pound, not even an ounce! for the record, it was around 3pm after lunch on a saturday. i usually way myself on tuesday around 7am.

i mentioned it was LT's birthday. it was a saturday...our free meal day. i planned a surprise birthday dinner in town (our old stopping grounds, we sadly now live in a suburbs). grilled salmon, sauteed spinach, and garlic potatoes was my choice. i had a few bites on potatoes, but that's it. i turned on the willpower and said no to all the fried goodies that sprawled the table. i told you i was meticulous!

 and dessert...mmm, delicious. i baked a birthday cake. i was a baker for about a second several years ago, after all. this was a special cake...old fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream topped with raspberries.

i had a small slice and it was decadent. wish i had a better picture...it was a beauty.

the rest of the night was a bit of a blur but tons of fun. needless to say, i woke up the next morning a bit queasy. sunday was wrecked as far as the diet goes. i had a bean n cheese burrito for breakfast and 3 crispy beef tacos with rice n beans for dinner. i know it pitiful...but i was convinced i needed it to get over the hangover. it worked, or at least that's what i tell my self.

after feeling guilty about the extra fat and calories, i dreaded my scheduled weekly weigh-in. but i did it...in the nude of course.

not so bad! 4 lb and 3 oz total fat loss...yippee. i've had a slip-up. and the fat loss hasn't been as rapid as i thought. but i've stuck to it and i'm seeing results.

my jeans, once snug, have wiggle room, and it feels awesome.

i can't wait to hit my 10 pound mark, too!

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