Monday, February 6

magazine quiz monday: seventeen

which confident celeb are you most like?

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1. If someone embarrasses you, you:
Kind of let it get to you even though you know you shouldn’t.
Dwell on it for a few minutes, but then try to focus on something happy instead.
Shake it off; they're not worth your time.
2. You pump yourself up for a night of fun by:
Bonding! You're always looking through old albums and yearbooks
and remembering the good times with your best buddies.
Laughing! You always pop in your favorite funny movie to get you in the mood to go out.
Dancing! You love to blast music and do a fashion show in front of your girlfriends.
3. When it comes to guys, you:
Are friends with all of them.
Are a bit shy, but try not to let it show.
Sometimes act ditzy to get noticed.
4. Your proudest moment was:
Getting a lead role in a school play.
Helping someone who needed you.
Achieving a goal you never thought was possible.
5. If your friends had to describe you in one word, they would say:
6. How do you celebrate a good day?
By treating yourself to your favorite dessert.
By working out. You want to keep the good vibes flowing!
By having a girls night with your closest friends.
7. What do you usually do after a bad day?
Write in your journal.
Go shopping. You need to face tomorrow with a better outfit.
Talk to your mom. She always knows what to say.
8. You feel most confident when:
You're the center of attention.
You're being recognized for your talents.
You receive a genuine compliment.
You're like Beyonce — You've Got Crazy Confidence!
Like this Dreamgirl, you're seriously outgoing and not afraid to flaunt it. You're the first one to stick up for a friend or give a guy the peace sign if he's not treating you right. Hello, "Irreplaceable" anyone? As far as confidence goes, you and B are both happy and secure young women. Congrats! Pass it on!
i didn't see this one coming. beyonce...for real? i'll take it, but never really thought of myself as a fur flauntin', hip shakin', thigh strutin', diva. something tells me she's bit more confident then i am. independent women, irreplaceable, crazy in love, single ladies, survivor, bootylicious...all anthems i have sung along to at one point or another. and, we are both from houston!

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