Wednesday, March 21

eat clean, get lean: ketogenic diet - day 2

so i didn't do much better on day 2. i'm really not reaching my totals for the day as far as food goes. and, i didn't work out. i feel like a lazy bum. but, i'll make up for it today!

eating all my meals has been a challenge. I NEED TO PLAN AHEAD!!! i was short about 30 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein.

this is what i ate:

breakfast: smoked beef sausage
lunch: baked white fish with mayo and romaine salad
dinner: garlic shrimp in butter and steamed broccoli

oh, and i weighed myself, so here's my starting weight this time around.

not too bad. it's good to jump on the scale every once in a while! just don't get's doesn't always tell the truth. a lot of variables can effect your weight from day to day. so, if you do get on the scale, then do it:

in the morning (after you make a trip to the bathroom)
on an empty stomach
on the same day each week

this is where i started! the scale says i lost less than 8 pounds in 2 months...not so impressive.

but, my body tells a different story...lost inches from all over, no muffin top in my favorite jeans, and i've got muscles!

today i'm taking my measurements, and i'll also be creating a workout plan. i can't wait to share them with you!

what's your workout plan?

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