Tuesday, April 3

lunch skins: reusable eco-friendly snack bags

i've gone through countless plastic sandwich bags in the past month. they're used mostly for packing snacks for my little guy. at all times, the diaper bag carries an arsenal of fruit, cheese, and veggies. i never leave the house without them. so, yeah, i go through a lots of plastic bags.

over the last few months, i've been making the transition from plastic tupperware to glassware to store our leftovers. you know, cause they leach chemicals, stain, and warp. so, when i came across Lunch Skins, i thought, why the heck am i still using plastic bags for my precious bambino? i don't even want to think about the plastic toxins he's been munching on!

and, did i mention my shameful contribution to American landfills...about 100 bags a month!

these reusable eco-friendly snack and sandwich bags are genius! they're even dishwasher safe. and, at a very affordable price, i'll break even after 300 uses which will only take me a few months.

i bought a sandwich size for fruits like apple slices, grapes, and pineapple. and the small bag will be perfect for carrots and cheese sticks. and, they come in a ton of prints and colors...something for everyone!

from here on out, this family is gonna be using Lunch Skins. i've declared, "PLASTIC BAGS NO MORE"!

not only will i be saving money, i'll be saving the world!

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