Sunday, April 15

eat clean, get lean: day 27

i'm on day 27 of the ketogenic diet.

i've got a very special wedding in two weeks. my best-friend, sara, is getting married to her red-head hottie. i can't wait! we get our very own bungalow in the hill country...right next to her sweetheart cottage!

i have not one thing to wear. nothing fits! i thought i had 9 dresses to choose from, but they're all in a garbage in the car waiting to be delivered to my local women's shelter. size 10 and 12...goodbye!

not a bad dilemma to have, i recognize.
my food:

not much to say here. i've stuck to the 60% fat / 40% protein ratio. my staples keep me on tract...eggs, bacon, chicken salad, tuna salad, sausage, sauteed veggies. when i start to venture off and have a little of this and a little of that, i kinda fall off the wagon. so, i don't do that. i wait until the weekend and satisfy my cravings with a meal of my choice. moo goo gai pan with steamed rice on saturday night hit the spot. and, it was delicious!

my workout:

the barbell complex (5 sets of 5 reps for each excercise) is awesome. it makes the workout a tad bit longer, but i think i'm getting more out of it.

squat - 115lbs
lunges - 55lbs
shoulder press - 42lbs

deadlifts - 130lbs
bent over row - 60lbs
pull ups - green rubber band

i'll be increasing the weight in tiny increments. hopefully this will give me the boost i need to push through and get stronger.

my progress:

arm: 12 1/4"
thigh: 22 1/2"
calf: 14 1/2"
waist: 31"
hips: 38"

thank goodness...i lost an inch from my hips! funny how 1 inch can make such a big difference. my jeans are gettin' to fit very nicely! the rest of my measurements have stayed pretty consistent since last week. no due time!

my inspiration:

i want my belly to look like that when i'm sitting down.

now, before you roll your know you'd be a happy girl if you had a bum like kim.

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