Sunday, April 22

eat clean, get lean: day 34

i'm on day 34 of the ketogenic diet.

my weight loss is slow these days. not sure if i'm hitting a plateau or if i'm not being completely honest about what's going in my mouth.

my measurements are shrinking...thank goodness! every little bit adds up, right?
my food:

i was super duper good all week just so i could let loose and have some beef enchiladas from El Real this weekend. and let me say, they were delicious. but, i'd probably devour anything in a tortilla and love it!

i didn't dare step on a scale this morning. my belly is full, and my body is puffy...much mexican food and margaritas!

sticking to a food plan makes a diet so much easier. i must admit, i've had a nibble of this and a nibble of that, but not enough to ruin the week.

my workout:

the barbell workout (5 sets of 5 reps for each excercise): i went down in lifting weight this week. i've really got to work on my form. i got a little sloppy from trying to lift heavier weight in the weeks prior. also, i got in a few cardio walks.

squat - 105lbs
lunges - 55lbs
shoulder press - 42lbs

2 mile walk

deadlifts - 130lbs
bent over row - 60lbs
pull ups - green rubber band
2 mile walk

2 mile walk

my progress:

arm: 12"
thigh: 22 1/2"
calf: 14 1/2"
waist: 31"
hips: 38"

i lost a 1/4" from my arm! i am super excited about this. it's the pull-ups and shoulder presses that are making the difference.

my other measurements are the same from last week. no long as my arms are shrinking, it's cool!

my inspiration:

jennifer lopez's abs are my inspiration for next week.

abs, abs, abs...i want abs!

this week i'm gonna focus on my tummy. knees to chin and wheel roll-outs are on my to-do list.

got any secrets for abs?

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