Sunday, April 1

eat clean, get lean: day 13

i did a pretty good job this cheating here! my biggest challenge is getting 5 meals a day. no biggie...i just doubled up on the next meal in order to catch up. also, my ketostix showed i was in ketosis all week.

although, i'm totally out of whack today. you see, yesterday was my birthday. my 32nd birthday! and i spent it drinking 2 homemade pina coladas, 1 beer, and an enchilada dinner with my family. it was delicious! i can't promise that today i will get right back on is a birthday weekend, after all. but, i can assure you that monday will be back to business as usual.

my workout this week was a bit off. monday set the tone...aka i was sore like a mother. i must say i started the workout with ambition. i've been going up in lifting weight each week, so my goal was to squat 145. after all, the week before was pretty easy at 135. like i said...ambitious. after one rep, i had to back down to 130. regardless of the blow to my ego, i finished the workout. and, was sore for the next 3 days. my next workout was on saturday (yesterday). i did a barbell complex with 55 pounds:

upright row
shoulder press
bent over row
front squats

if you've never done a barbell complex, check this out from '70s Big'. it is an amazing and quick full body workout!

i finally checked my measurements and this is where i am:

arm: 12 1/4"
thigh: 22 1/2"
calf: 15"
waist: 31"
hips: 39"

let's see where i am in 6 weeks.

here's my dose of motivation for the next week.

pinterest via

pinterest via

wait, on second thought, if i want a bum like that, i've got to get back on track NOW!

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