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food to eat in New York City: Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan!

you know what they say about New York City, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere". that's no exception to the food biz. it's no wonder that nearly every restaurant, cafe, bistro, truck, stall, and cart is serving up lip-smacking eats worth oohing and ahhing over. these kitchen crews whip up food like they have something to prove. so, you know the food has got to be delicious.

this was my first trip to NYC with a kiddo (read this for surviving toddler travel). i wasn't sure how it was going to work out since our little guy dictates every moment of our life. so many places to eat, so little attention...he won't sit still for 13 seconds. in my past trips to the Big Apple, i was prepared with a map in one hand, and a list in the other. i was ready to take on New York one plate at a time!

these days, i don't plan much. my LO is so unpredictable. but, my only saving grace is that he LOVES to eat! because we stayed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we had lots of food to choose from on Bedford Avenue and in the nearby Greenpoint.

this trip wasn't about feasting at the new hot spots. it was more about local favorite fare.

what we ate with the kid

The Bedford - not a lot of places have high-chairs, this one does! although, they didn't look too thrilled when we asked for one. i don't blame them. the food is tasty here! and they have a swanky backroom known for live eclectic music. don't get the fish, you're best bet is the burger, pork shank, or the steak.

Fabiane's - the delicious breakfast and al fresco dining was nice. my little guy loved watching all the pcars go by! also, great for people watching. try the egg bake with prosciutto, you'll love it!

Urban Rustic - this is hybrid farmer's market and restaurant offers affordable, fresh food and snacks. eat a yummy meal and pick up a few groceries on your way out. the fajita omelet is yummy! go on a Saturday morning and you can hit up the GrowNYC's greenmarket too...it's right across the street!

Five Leaves - the best breakfast i've ever had in my life, no doubt! seriously, i'm still thinking about the eggs and bacon. i can't find any recipes on the web. the bacon melts in your mouth, so tender. the eggs, they're gorgeous and fluffy. this place sits on a colorful, bustling corner in Greenpoint...a very short walk from Williamsburg. the story goes...Heath Ledger met Jud Mongell at a beach party in Australia. together, the idea for a brooklyn coffee shop evolved into an old-school nautical themed restaurant. Ledger never got to see the success. this place is hard to get into after 9am. go for breakfast if you don't want to wait long. and, you might see some famous peeps.

Peter Luger - this place is famous and has family style steaks and huge a la carte sides. a crew was filming a new show called "United States of...Steaks" while we were dining, so you know it's fantastic. it's also mucho expensive...i can thank my favorite father-in-law for this amazing celebratory graduation dinner!

here's a pic of the grad!

what we ate (and drank) without the kid

Allswell - mighty fine drinks and food. love that this place plays awesome music. i was happy to hear two Spoon songs back to back...cause i'm from Texas! also know for it's who's who drop-ins, this waterhole is no greasy spoon. the pork rib sandwiches and the burgers are mouthwatering! stop in day or night...or both like we did!

Turkey's Nest - just a dirty dive bar. it's cool, but dirty. i love it! it's a mixed crowd...some hipster, some local drunks, some tourists. but they margarita roadies in 32 oz styrofoam cups. and the bartender will give you a tip: "don't walk out in front of a cop, or they'll write you a ticket." we enjoyed those margaritas at the nearby park...just like old days, sans baby and irresponsible!

Vinnie's Pizza - that margarita roady washed down this greasy, cheap, and oh so delicious pizza. buy two slices. you'll think one is enough. well, it probably is, but you'll still want a second. if the sun is shining, take it to-go and eat under a tree.

Gray's Papaya - how can you not stop for a papaya drink and a couple of hot dogs when you pass by one of these NYC institutions? we were on our way to dinner in the city, and stopped! i'm telling you, it's like what you do. it's what everyone is doing...there's always a line. but, it's goes fast, so get in line! or should i say, "get on line"!

i hope you get the chance to stop by one of these places! you won't be disappointed. and, if you are, just take a breath, look around you, and get another drink. you're in NYC! how could you not love everything?

of course, that's coming from me, a girl from Texas!

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