Tuesday, May 1

eat clean, get lean: day 43

i'm on day 43 of the ketogenic diet.

i feel fantastic! i feel strong! i feel more like ME!

i went shopping for a dress yesterday. i ended up buying 3 dresses and a pencil skirt. i didn't really need a pencil skirt (or two of the three dresses) but it looked awesome on me, and it was a size 6! the last time i was a size i was in high school. and, it probably only lasted a few weeks. the skirt is going back to the store tomorrow, cause i really have no need for a pencil skirt. not to mention, it might be too big in a few weeks...hehe.

yo...a size 6, for reals, G! now, i know the number on the tag doesn't mean anything...i'm a size 10 just about everywhere else. but, it was a trip to put on something that "small". banana republic sure knows how to make a girl blush even if it's sort of a sham! ;-)
my food:

no cheating here. i stuck to the good foods and said no to the bad foods. my reward was indulging in delicious food from Inn Above Onion Creek...more on that and my best-friend's wedding tomorrow!

meal 1: one egg and one slice of bacon
meal 2: 4oz tuna fish with 1 tbsp mayo
meal 3: 4oz chicken breast and herb salad with olive oil and vinegar
meal 4: protein shake with heavy cream
meal 5: 4oz steak with veggies sauteed in olive oil

my workout:

the barbell workout (5 sets of 5 reps for each excercise): i'm stuck to lighter weight to improve my form. 

squat - 105lbs
lunges - 55lbs
shoulder press - 45lbs

2 mile walk

deadlifts - 130lbs
bent over row - 60lbs
pull ups - green rubber band
2 mile walk

my progress:

arm: 12"
thigh: 22 1/2"
calf: 14"
waist: 31"
hips: 37 3/4"

i lost a 1/4" from my hips and 1/2" from my calf!

my weight is up almost two pounds, but i'm leaner than ever! 

goes to show that the scale is not the way to determine your progress.

my inspiration:

this week i'm all about arms. i've got a bum knee from dancing in heels all weekend, so i'll be focusing on my arms.

via quadelle on pinterest

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