Wednesday, August 8

things i love!

music - The Concretes (self title debut)
it's perfect pop! a little haze, a little 60s vibe, a little distortion, and a kick-butt girl on the mic. i love bands that have girls as frontman lead. think Mazzy Star and Broken Social Scene (my all-time fav) all mashed up into a juicy meatball and covered in gravy. did i mention they're from Sweeden? they're a troupe band, like BSS, that's gone through some changes over the years and but got some flack for it. like when Victoria Bergsman left the group and was replaced with a new lady. if i change my hair or pickup a new hobby, i'm still me, right? Pink Floyd got away with it. this troupe band will always be on my playlist. because, i love their sound. and, troupe bands are just cool. they make me feel like we're friends, and i could just join them for a night on stage when they swing by my town for a show. then, afterwards, they come by my place to chill and play a little music while we all sing and drink brannvin and eat pickled fish. okay, so i got carried away...i wouldn't eat pickled fish.

food - Pizza (mostly Grimaldi's)
why? i was forced. no, really, i was forced! i mean, i totally love pizza. but, i never eat it. well, i've had so much pizza (like 12 slices in the last week), at the request of my parents and friends. i did enjoy it. and, i think i can see it on my thighs already. good thing is that i got my fill, and have been eating clean like nobody's business!

reading - FitSugar
just because i don't flip or swipe my way through an ebook doesn't mean i don't read. FitSugar, a fit and health focused blogzine, has some awesome articles and tips. from how-to perfect a crunch to how-to cut an onion, FitSugar always has something for everyone.

shoes - [pink] vibram fivefingers
do you hate running because you get shin splints or have knee pain? i know i did. it's probably due to your running shoes...not your body. most people choose running shoes with the support they think they need or because they like the way they look. chances are, you're not wearing the right shoes for your feet. have you seen those people running around or working out with funny looking toe shoes? well, don't laugh, they're freaking awesome! i'm not a runner, but i run like 3 miles in 20 minutes, and it's no big deal. i do it in my fivefingers. this "barefoot" running's the shiz! i've got them in black and, i really want a pink pair!

hat - green military hat
we spend a lot of time outdoors...running, body bootcamp, swim lessons, garden work, and park play. it's so hot out, so i always wear my hair in a ponytail. but, my poor little scalp is getting sunburned. this military hat will protect my head and give me some style too! it's looks fierce with my aviator sunglasses!

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