Thursday, October 11

around the clock: 21 month old schedule

this month has been all about adjusting to preschool. waking him up earlier, making sure he eats breakfast, and getting him dressed by 8am was a challenge...for me! time, appointments, calendars, they are all so secondary. if i need to be somewhere at 9am, i don't start getting ready until 9am. but, i swore i wouldn't do that to my LO. i made sure he was on time every morning, and i was there to pick him up when the bell rang! i had no idea that being timely felt so good! there's just no sense in rushing around and not allowing him to enjoy his mornings with time to play and eat.

he LOVES school! i'm so proud of him. he handled car-line drop-off like a champ. there were a few sniffles, but no real tears. and, as soon as he entered the classroom, he totally forgot about me and was all about playing with his classmates. in no time, he was hopping out of the car (with help) and waving bye like it was no big deal. and boy, do they wear him out. once he gets home and eats lunch, he crashes for nap and sleeps for 3 hours. he'd probably sleep longer, but i have to get him up for swim lessons. he's a busy boy!

language is exploding. every few days, he learns a new word. sometimes i get it right away, and sometimes i have no idea what he's talking about. there must be a song he sings at school that he likes, because at bedtime my songs just don't cut it. he requests some other song and even hums it and gets so mad when i don't sing it with him. it's so funny!

OMG, he's is OBSESSED with cars...race cars to be specific! he gets so excited when he sees a sports car on the road. i'm talking loud shrieks, hands waving, and feet kicking. it's so cute. i even made up a race car song and we wants to sing ALL THE TIME!

oh, and he's all about "Daddy"! everyday after school he says, "i wanna see Daddy"! he wants to held by him, play with him, wrestle with him, and eat with him. now, if only he'd let Daddy put him to bed.

7:00a: wake up, brush teeth, sit on potty, play a bit (wants to play more in the morning)

7:30a: breakfast (5 oz of whole milk, 1/2 banana, 1 egg omelet, and a slice of bacon or sausage patty)

8:00a: get dressed for preschool and head out the door

8:30a: preschool/playgroup/outing/park

10:00a: get ready for the day (get dressed and pack a snack)

12:00p: preschool pickup and eat lunch (4 ounces of protein [1 egg, beef, turkey, or chicken], 4 ounces of veggies)

12:30p: play with cars, trains, and trucks, and more cars (he's definitely a boy)

1:00p: sit on potty, read books, then take a nap

4:00p: have a snack...peanut butter and cheese

4:30p: swim lessons

5:30p: play in kitchen while i clean up a bit and get dinner ready (coloring book, scooter, or bang bowls)

6:00p: bike ride with mama and daddy

6:30p: dinner (4 ounces of poultry, fish or beef, 4 ounces of veggies, and fruit for dessert)

7:00p: sit on potty, then bath time

7:30p: get dressed for bed, brush teeth, cuddle up, and read books

8:00p: bedtime

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