Monday, December 20

book wormish: "happiest baby on the block"

this book is awesome!

the recommendation came from a friend, a labor and delivery nurse and fabulous mother. i purchased it and put it away. a week into motherhood, my sanity was dangling by a string. a strong string made of titanium, but nonetheless a string.

after several unsuccessful days of trying to calm and put LO down to sleep, LT reminded me of the book and pulled it out for me. how dare he...i was too tired and too busy to read a book! but, when i had a moment, i opened it up and read the first few pages. before i knew it, i had read the entire first chapter!

this book was so easy to read. i found myself looking forward to cracking it open again. within a couple of weeks, i had finished it.

with very little patience, energy, and sanity, i was running on empty.  after finishing the book, i had the knowledge, confidence, and tools to understand and soothe my baby.

here's the gist...

Dr. Karp's theory is that the first 3 months of life for a newborn is considered the "fourth trimester". during this time infants experience environmental changes and sensory overload once they leave the womb. because of their delicate and helpless nature, they are unable to adjust quickly like many other mammals.

"happiest baby on the block" shows you how to follow the simple steps of the 5 "S's" to trigger the "calming reflex". the 5 "S's" (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking), when used together, help you calm and bring baby to a peaceful place of serenity and slumber.

i went from frazzled at whits end to a baby whisperer. i'm telling you, it seriously helped!

read it (or watch it on DVD)...seriously!

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