Saturday, December 18

what's up baby: 1 month

we've got a rhythm down. he still sleeps most of the day. we spend our time staring into each others eyes. i no longer feel silly speaking baby talk. i sing to him all the time. we listen to music. but mostly, we cuddle.

honest truth, he was lifting his head the day after he was born. his daddy says he'll be doing push-ups soon!

breast-feeding is second nature, now. i'm still a little sore from that super-duper suction. he's still eating every 2 two hours...about 15 minutes on each side. i was gifted an awesome, fancy pump. pumping relieves the ache and fullness. plus, it helps increase production. after i put baby down, i pump for ten minutes. it's cool, because i collect 4 ounces on each side every time i pump. i such a dork! i love seeing  the milk collection grow in the freezer. they're like tiny bags of gold!

LO now sleeps in a swing. he's still next to our bed. sleeping in the bassinet didn't last long. it wasn't working well for him. the swing works wonders. we also continued to swaddle him. it keeps him tight as a bug in a rug. between the swing and the swaddling, he sleeps so peacefully.

i'm healing. it's a slow process for me. i don't know how those celebrities are out and about days after giving birth. i saw a pic of a new mama on a "date night"1 week after delivering. how is that possible? i'm still hobbling around wearing diapers and using heating pads and numbing spray. 

with time, it gets, i'm told!

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