Thursday, August 18

what's up baby: 9 month

his personality really shines when he's munching.

and lately, he's been throwing his foot in to the mix.

he loves to see his friends. this boy is super social. he butts heads, hugs, and tugs at them. he maybe a little rough cause he's use to pushing around dewey, the dog, who weighs about 110 lbs.

i've begun speaking more spanish to him. i'm a bit rusty, but i figured it'd be good for the both of us. he said "agua" for the first time!

diet hasn't changed much. he's now nursing every 4 hours, he eats 1/2 cup of veggies twice a day, 1/2 of fruit one a day, 1/4 cup of protein (egg, chicken, or beef) twice a day, and 1/4 cup of cheese one a day.

weaning from nursing seems right around the corner. i can't believe i've been a mom for 9 months. jeez, i sound so cheesy.

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