Sunday, September 18

what's up baby: 10 months

along with other milestones, LO caught his first stomach bug. with it came pasty puke and drippy doo. waking up to your baby covered toxic sludge is so sad. not to mention the droopy eyes and the down in the dump attitude...that's a bonus.

well, it wasn't all downhill. after a visit with DR. K, LO got his very first crystalized sugar on a stick. at first, he was a little confused. he tried to figure out what trick this new "toy" did. and like the million other casualties, it went in his mouth. he had an ah-ha moment. i let him enjoy it for a few minutes...considering his miserable existence. my poor baby!

aside from that, he's starting to talk! agua (water), banana, huevo (egg), and ball can all be added to the vocabulary list.

me and LT are going on our first trip without the baby at the end of the month. i have to admit, i'm a bit nervous. i try not to think about it, cause tears come to my eyes when i do. he's going to stay with grammy and poppi (LT's parents), so i know he'll be safe, comfortable, and loved.

but still, what if he needs me?! and what if he doesn't want milk from a bottle? will my milk factory shut down without him? he's still nursing every four hours...that's only 3 a day. what if he doesn't want me when i get back?

the plan is to give him 2% milk if he doesn't want the frozen booby juice.

it's only four day.'s four days. i have to keep reminding myself that LT and i need this time to our selves. we are in dire need of a romantic getaway!

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