Monday, October 17

little black dress = overrated

i had the pleasure of attending one of the most beautiful weddings this weekend.  have you ever been to bernhardt winery.  all I can say is it was gorgeous!

i knew i  needed something special to wear.  i'm takin' pretty dress, stiletto heels, makeup, the works!  i had 7 black dresses in the closet, all of which belonged in a nunnery.  it was time to go shopping for a new dress.

for this very special day, i went with a little red dress.  i have to admit, as soon as i put it on, i felt flashy and phony.  i wasn't use to wearing something so clingy.  but i have to admit, this dress sure hugged me in all the right places.

i wanted to look beautiful.  i wanted to look hot!  i wanted LT to be proud of me and think i was the most beautiful woman in the room.  i was sure this red number would do the trick.

sorry size two bride, if that sounds a little selfish.  i was nearly 6 months pregnant on my wedding day and as big as a house.  so kill me, if i want to look beautiful everyday...including your wedding day.

i felt foxy in that little red dress!  the best was hearing it whispered in my ear through the night.

"you look delicious", he said.  needless to say, he had a second helping of dessert when we got home!

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