Tuesday, October 18

what's up baby: 11 months

LO has been busy!

he hangs out with his buddies at the park. discovering nature and the great outdoors makes his eyes shine with such wonder.

lately, he's been playing in the pantry when i get dinner ready. to my amazement, today he placed everything on the bottom shelf neatly into his mixing bowl! usually it's sprawled all over the kitchen.

he also enjoys eating out and people watching. he likes those quirky roadside diners.

now that he's walking, he's all over the place. the trick is to get things done while staying 3 steps behind him.

he's sleeping through the night. no complaints here.

he has 3 bottles of breast milk a day: 5 oz. of 2% before 10:30am nap, 5 oz. of 2% before 3pm nap, and 8 oz. before bedtime around 7:30p. he's drinking thawed breast milk. i had a large supply from all the pumping i did. i quit pumping right around the 10 month mark. all of his solids are diced finger foods. 

breakfast: 1 banana and 2 egg omelet
milk: 5 oz bottle of breast milk before nap
lunch: 1 cup of veggies and 1/2 cup of protein
snack: 1/3 cup cubed cheese and 1/3 baked apples
milk: 5 oz bottle of breast milk before nap
dinner: 1 cup veggies and 1/2 cup protein
milk:  8 oz bottle of breast milk before nap

he has a sippy cup of water with all of his meals. i am thinking about replacing the bottles with sippy cups next month. i have to admit, now that i'm not breast feeding him (his choice, i'll have you know), the bottle is one of the last few things that keeps him my little baby.

we stay busy with my moms' group. every week with several activities, we have monday park day, a playgroup for his age group that rotates homes, and usually a play day at a kids gym.

he's really beginning to communicate with us. shaking his head "yes" and "no" really lets us know what he wants. he points at everything. putting things in his mouth is becoming a thing of the past. he know looks and wonders what he can do with it or where he can hide it!

just one more month til this baby turns 1!

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