Friday, November 11

birthday party for a one year old

LO birthday is less than a week away. i can't believe it...1 year old!

where does the time go? he probably stashed it somewhere. i'm hoping i stumble across it one of these days. and when i do, i'm gonna lock it away in my pocket cause this ride is way too fast! my baby is growing up.

i always new i'd be terrible at planning birthday parties. i had no idea how to pick a theme, no idea how to decorate, and no idea what food to serve. it's a little sad, but i felt a little overwhelmed.

so, i called on my aunt, D! she is an awesome artist...ridiculously creative. she saved the day!

the first challenge was the food. i had to throw out all the rules, unless i wanted to spend the next 6 days cooking. going with chips, dips, veggies, and fruit would make this a piece of cake. oh yeah, and the cake. i decided the cake would be homemade. in my past life, BC [before child], i had a small-time cupcake catering gig. carrot and banana were going to be the cupcakes of choice for this party. i am going to scale back the sugar and butter to make them a bit more wholesome for the kids.

we took off to the local wholesale supercenter. you know where you can get 200 rolls of toilet paper all bundled together. we grabbed the goods and got the heck out of there! thank goodness D had a membership card cause i'm sure i saved lots of money. don't ask what the bill was. as LT always says, 'it's not how much you spend but how much you save." indeed!

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