Thursday, November 17

solid foods for baby: new school

there's new research out that's changing the way today's mom is feeding her baby. it's believed that this new this new trend is healthier and helps kids get taste for the foods that are good for them.

it's time to stop feeding our kids foods that are loaded with sugar and sodium. that means no more cheese crackers, chicken tenders, and saucy pastas. even the typical solid foods like rice cereal, oatmeal, and pasta are terrible choices, they certainly aren't the best. and shouldn't we be giving them the best. i mean, that's what we all hope to offer our little love bundles.

here's some new school info that helped guide me in making the choice to introduce solids early.
LO eating scrambled eggs, now a staple, at 7 months

food allergies:
there is no scientific proof that holding off solids helps prevent food allergies. however, you should be cautious with allergenic foods. although the "when and what" of introducing solids is your choice, you should always discuss your plan with your doctor first. there are lots of non-allergenic foods your baby can try!

using spices and herbs:
when i was pregnant or breastfeeding, i never bought into the whole notion about spicy foods being bad for baby. if you think about it, most of the world eats foods that are deliciously spiked with spices and herbs. mamas in mexico don't lay off the chiles. i bet they don't change the curry recipe in india when there's a bun in the oven.

your breastfeeding baby has indulged in diet not only rich in nutrients but a mishmash of flavors as well. going from a diverse mix of flavors to boring and bland seems backwards. your formula fed baby deserves to experience food the way you do. it'll help to develop tastes for the foods your family eats.

throw in some herbs when you're whipping up your baby's next batch. they like the it just as much as we do, i promise. i also toss in fresh sauteed garlic too.

as far spices go, the degree of heat is mostly cultural. when used, tiny dashes of cayenne or curry will do. i keep the jalapenos at bay.

making homemade baby food:
making your baby's food from scratch is a lot easier than you might think. starting of by mashing banana and avocado makes for an easy introduction.

if you have a blender or food processor, you're in the baby food making business. for baby's first bite, it's as simple as steam and puree, and repeat. once your baby transitions to finger foods you can add sauteing to your repertoire. just saute until soft.

a little peeling may be required from time to time. but heck, you'd do anything for that little sucker, right?

our motto is, "what we eat, baby eats". this makes it so much easier. if i'm making a dish that'll make you breathe fire, which i do often, i'll pull out the good stuff set aside for baby before adding the heat.

organic foods:
this is a personal and budgetary decision.

although pesticides and hormones in foods are linked to cancer and development conditions such as ADHD, there is no conclusive evidence.

a link...that's enough for me to go organic. if you choose to go organic, be informed. make sure your food is certified organic. in the US, look for the USDA seal. foods labeled "natural" are not the same as organic.

organic food is not more nutritious, but it's probably safer. it's tastes better too. i prefer my fruit to taste, well, like fruit...not dirt. although, the better taste comes with a heftier price tag.

regardless of what you buy, eat a variety, eat what's in season, read food labels, and wash and scrub your fruits and veggies.

good taste:
switching it up every few days with help develop your baby's palate. if your baby doesn't like it, try it again, and again. i bet you didn't always love wine or sushi.

if your kiddo only eats sweet potatoes and bananas, ask yourself what's been on the menu. kids like what you give them...if you give it to them early!

above all, do what feels right for you. always talk to your pediatrician. and, more important than making homemade organic food, love and nurture goes a long way!

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