Tuesday, January 3

eat clean, get lean: rapid fat loss diet - day 7

yay, lost two pounds in the first week!

the food has been pretty good. getting 5 meals in and drinking 2 liters of water seems to be the hard part. i find myself at the end of the day realizing i've only had 3 meals and am finishing with a protein shake. at best, i've had 4 glasses of water.

i'm not hungry and don't crave the carbs. this diet is not to far from what our normal eating habits are. we never have bread, rice, or crackers in the house. the freezer never sees sweets, it's packed with meat.  it's the fruit i'll miss. but, this is temporary and i get two free meals a week, so i can get my fruit fix then!

i got super motivated yesterday. LT sent me the pics from the company holiday party. talk about a big let down. i thought i looked hot. before i left the house, i took a look in the mirror and was like, "yeah, i'm awesome." not so much. it's funny how you get to see what you really look like when you see pictures of yourself. not those cute close-up pics. i'm talking about those full-body in all your glory shots. the ones where you see what everybody else sees. you see what you try not look at everyday. until that one day when you look, really look, in the mirror and you gasp. you can't believe that the you in your head isn't the same you staring back.

so, looks like the only pie i'm having is a big ole slice of humble pie!

for more on the diet, click here

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