Saturday, December 31

eat clean, get lean: rapid fat loss diet - day 5

i wanted to share some details of the plan to give you an idea of what the heck it is. i recommend that you buy the book if you think you might want to try it. LT made a few adjustments to simplify it for us.

by no means am i saying this is what you should do. but, if you're 5'6" and 166 pounds and in your early thirties, i bet good money that you're plan isn't too far from mine.

so, here it...

frequency: 5 meals a day for 6 weeks with 1 free (reasonable) meal per week and a carb load once a week (if heavy weight training)

protein: 27.8 g per meal

protein suggestions:

cheese - 4 oz
beef - 3.5 oz
chicken - 3.5 oz
fish - 4 oz
egg whites - 8
fat free cheese - 3.5 oz

vegetables:  unlimited with the elimination of starchy veggies like peas, carrots, and corn

vitamins and essential fatty acids: 10 fish oil capsules and 1 multivitamin per day

water: 1-2 liters of cold water

limitless: lemon, spices, vinegar, mustard, soy sauce, salsa, diet free soda, black coffee, sugar free drinks, sugar free teas, broth/bouillon

here's an what we've been eating:

my mornings start with a dozen egg whites...7 for LT and 5 for me.

we both substitute a few egg whites for a sausage patty or slice of bacon. hot sauce is a must when all you get is egg whites!

for lunch i had a beef patty with low-fat cheese. it wasn't so bad.

guess we'll be eating beef patties for days...we bought tons. oven roasted brussels sprouts made it feel like a proper dinner.

okay, so the food choices aren't so bad. a vanilla protein shake for dessert makes it better! and, i've already lost one pound!

for more on the diet, click here

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