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eat clean, get lean: time to get back on the diet wagon!

i can't believe 2012 is approaching in less than 48 hours. i will be entering the new year 20 pounds over my, let's call it, ideal weight. just two weeks ago, it was 15 pounds over, but the holidays got the best of me. i've got no regrets...i enjoyed every bit. wait a second, i didn't enjoy every bite. most of the junk i ate was crappy store bought waxy chocolate, carton egg nog, and stale peppermint candies. there's really no excuse.

i'm starting the new diet and will be posting a weekly weigh-in. i'm going to share a little bit more of myself and let you in on the diet details, workouts, and challenges with the hopes that someone will be interested or even motivated. this is more of a testimonial and means for my own personal commitment. i'm not a proponent of crash dieting. in fact, i think crash dieting an be an unhealthy approach to weight loss. however, this is somewhat of a crash diet. although, i'd like think of it more a of 'jump start'. also, i be irresponsible if i didn't tell you to research any diet you'd like to try and to speak to your doctor before starting it.

i entered 2011 as a new mom. i imagined loosing 50 pounds would be easy. 20 of which was from the pregnancy and the other 30 was from...well, it's always been with me, i guess.

my goal was to lose 50 pounds by 2012. beginning a diet soon after childbirth is more than ambitious! i knew i'd give myself some time. so, about 6 months later, LT helped me put a plan together.

i have to give LT the credit. i was exhausted and was only reading baby books. if you asked me to read a diet book...forget it! he put in the work and researched several programs. body recomposition's rapid fat loss was the winner! the ebook and the website provided the most helpful tools to help get us started. LT really didn't have any weight to lose, but he's a sweetheart and did it with me. the buddy system really works!

what's the rapid fat loss diet? this diet is all about consuming whole foods...lean protein, very little fat and carbohydrates, some vegetables, and vitamin supplements. what makes this diet effective is the high amount of lean protein you have to take in. this amount is tailored to your body based on weight, height, and, if you have calipers, measurements. this focus on protein not only fuels your body, but helps maintain the muscle you already have.

the rapid fat loss diet emphasizes eating only low-fat lean protein so your fat intake is minimal and only comes from protein. the result is not just weight loss but more importantly fat loss

if most of your calories and fat only come from lean protein, you've probably guessed that starches like bread and potatoes are not part of the plan. in fact, sugar is not part of the plan, and by sugar, i mean ANY sugar, not just the white granulated stuff. you've got to cut out the simple and complex carbohydrates!

simple carbohydrates or simple sugars are digested very quickly. most simple carbs have refined sugars and very few essential vitamins and minerals. table sugar, white flour, rice, fruit juice, milk, yogurt, honey, molasses, maple syrup, and brown sugar are common simple carbs.

complex carbohydrates have fiber, vitamins, and minerals. potatoes, carrots, corn, fruit, whole grain breads, oatmeal, legumes, brown rice and wheat pasta.

complex carbs in moderation and the occasional simple carbs are not so bad...unless you're trying to lose weight. so, stop eating them, and the weight will come off!

why cut out the sugar?

typically, you eat carbohydrates. carbohydrates convert to glucose. your body converts glucose into energy. you burn energy which came from the carbohydrates you initially ate.

when you don't eat carbohydrates, they can't convert to glucose. if there's is a lack glucose present, you're body has to convert stored fat into energy...this is called ketosis. that's when you begin to see your body change. instead of burning the sugar you eat, you burn the fat that's been sitting on your hips and thighs for last three years!

resistance training

it's important to incorporate weight training. the potential for lean muscle loss on this diet is high. weight training will help maintain muscle. if you don't already weight train, light weights will do the trick. if you're already on a weight training regimen, especially heavy weights, it's crucial not to reduce your intensity.

you have to be careful not to overtrain! because you're already reducing your carbs, if you do to much you're body won't be able to recover. not to mention, high calorie restriction and a large amount of high activity (or high intensity) will slow down or even stop fat loss. high caloric burn form exercise will cause your body to adapt by dropping your metabolic rate. in other words, it will slow your metabolism, because it no you don't have enough energy to survive.

the general rule is do some moderate weight training, and limit to no more than 30 minutes  of low intensity aerobic activity (like a brisk walk) no more than 3 times a week.  and, that's if you dare to do so much!

save those hard workouts for when you finish the crash diet. regular exercise will help maintain your fat loss once the diet is over.

bottom line

buy the book! if you're thinking you might want to try this out, then do it right by educating yourself.

second time's the charm

i tried an altered version in jun 2011. altered, because i couldn't starve myself...i had a baby to feed! i pretty much disregarded the minimal fat rule, but still eliminated the sugar/carbs. within 2 months, i had lost 20 pounds. i began introducing fruit back in and had the occasional rice and potatoes. i continued to lose weight, but much slower which i was happy with.

but then life got hectic. within two months, we had moved twice and then the holidays rolled in. before you know it, i was eating steamed rice with my chinese food and chips and salsa at the mexican restaurant. the diet went to the crapper and i was wondering how the heck i had gained 5 pounds in two weeks.

but, i have to give myself some credit. in 6 six months, i've lost 34 pounds!

i'm ready to give this diet another round.

today, i weighed my self, went to the rapid fat loss website, and plugged in the numbers. then, we made a trip to the warehouse superstore and stocked up for the next week.

for next 43 days, i will do my very best to stick to it.

here goes nothin'...

for more on the diet, click here

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