Wednesday, February 22

round the clock: 15 month old schedule

this month LO is eating a smaller breakfast , a little less fruit through the day, and we've cut back on milk which we now give during snack times. i have to admit...desperate times call for desperate measures. when a cheese stick won't hold his attention during a shopping trip or dinner out, i give him some, brown rice cheerios, i'll have you know.

he eats most of his meals at his very own table! 

8:00a: wake up, sit on potty, and play a bit

8:30a: breakfast (1/2 banana, 1 egg omelet, and a slice of bacon or sausage patty)

9:00a: development activity/play

9:30a: read

10:00a: independent play, rolls around with blanket, then naptime

12:00p: eat lunch (4 ounces of protein [1 egg, beef, turkey, or chicken], 4 ounces of veggies)

12:30p: sit on potty, then go for an outing...go for a jog, park, or run errands

1:30p: have a snack...a sippy cup (5 oz) of whole milk, fruit, and cheese

2:00p: read

2:30p: naptime

4:00p: wake up, have a little fruit and sippy cup (5 oz) of whole milk, and play

5:30p: dinner (4 ounces of poultry or beef, 4 ounces of veggies)

6:00p: sit on potty, then bath time

6:30p: get dressed for bed, brush teeth, and then roll around with daddy

7:30p: cuddle up, read a book, then, go to bed

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