Saturday, February 18

eat clean, get lean: ketogenic diet day 52

the diet is still a bit wacky, but it's working. i've increased my fat on monday and tuesday to try to jump start my ketosis. i can't quite get there. i think i might have to drop the carb load.

here's what i'm doing now:

mon-tues: 60% fat/40% protein
wed-saturday: 50% fat/50% protein
sunday (24 hours): 581 grams of low sugar carbs (50g/2hr)

i'm not really weighing myself anymore. that number is deceiving and can get me down even when i can see a physical change in the mirror. isn't it funny how that works? but, i just can't keep off the effing scale.

my measurements are not too impressive for this week. however, i know fat is coming off in places i'm not measuring...back, shoulders, forearms, fingers, knees, and ankles! heck, even if it's a millimeter it should for some-thin!

1/2" from my waist
0" from my hips
1/4" from my thigh
0" from my arm
0" from my calf

my workout has changed a bit. i'm now lifting heavy (for me, anyways) 2 days a week with 15 reps of a max weight. once a week, i do a full body depletion workout. i also throw in a couple of days of cardio...usually kickboxing at my local Y. this week i'll be adding cardio in mon-fri...i'm leaving for belize at the end of the week, after all!

bent over row = 45 lbs
bicep curl = 35 lbs
deadlifts = 135 lbs

squats = 110 lbs
shoulder press = 50 lbs
lunges = 50 lbs

barbell complex (45 lbs): upright row, high pull snatch, bent over row, squat n press, and high pull snatch

one of my loyal followers (and by one of, i mean the only) asked me what was in my home gym. so, i figured i'd just give you a glimpse.

we've got (left to right):
weight rack, weight belt, kettle bells, chalk bag, jump ropes, bar stand, two bars (male and female), pull up bands, dry erase board, a/c unit (it gets hot up in there), pull up bar (on rafter), rings, and a punching bag. 

it's not the fanciest home gym, but it's got everything we need. the best part...i don't have to get dressed or even put on shoes to go workout. i do have to fifteen feet which, i'll admit, sometimes seems like quite a choir.

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