Thursday, February 16

potty training: step 1...buying a potty chair

we're going for it! i know it's a little early, but doing things a little early has been working for us.

we started solids early. we worked on crawling early. we got out of the crib early. we walked early. we started brushing our teeth early. so, let's get out of these diapers early. okay, so that last one is kinda for me. baby eating big people food is really cool...big people poop, not so cool!

the one thing i figured out when googling "potty training" is that there lot's of training programs that can be ALL YOURS for $24.95. they claim to get your toddler potty trained in 3 days. i'm not in that kind of about eliciting potty anxiety. i'm such skeptic, anyway...i'd never pay for something like that. and the moms, there are tons of moms who have a method they swear by. a lot of which seem pretty practical, but i'm not ready to choose one.

instead of buying a 5 page e-book or reading my way through thousands of testimonials, i just went out and bought of potty.

at 14 months, my little guy mimics everything. drinking, eating, laughing, cooking, cleaning (we bought him toy lawnmower...he follows behind while i vacuum), and even laundry (although he only wants to load 2 items per wash, so he can press the buttons sooner).

the other thing he mimics is 'going to the potty'. i've always 'gone' while he's in the bathroom with me. you can't leave these little ones for a second. so, when i need to go, i grab and put him in bathroom with me. and i always say, 'mommy is going to potty'.

about two weeks ago, he waddled towards the bedroom. i followed him as he went into the bathroom. i peaked around the corner, so he wouldn't see me watching. he went to up to the toilet, peaked in, and said, "ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh". that little boy was making the pee sound. that's when i knew, it might be time introduce him to his very own potty.

there are lots of potties to choose from. i went with the babybjorn potty seemed like the most supportive and comfortable one. 

we brought it home, cleaned it up, and put it next to our toilet. he was super excited! he knew it was his, he just wasn't sure what to do with it. he wanted to stand in the toilet. then, he kept removing and replacing the inner potty. i asked him to sit on the potty. he couldn't quite figure it out. i asked him if he needed help. he gave me his hand, and i helped him sit down. he immediately started clapping. so i said, good job and clapped along with him. we then, proceeded to repeat this about 1,000 times.

now, he sits on the potty, au naturale, in the morning, around lunch, and before his bed-time bath. and, of course, he sits on it when i go to the potty. when he's in the mood, sometimes he'll make his way to the bathroom and sit on the toilet all by himself.

we've just got to work on potty etiquette. eating while on the toilet...ewwww!

so, maybe i don't have the step by step guide to potty training your toddler in 3 days, but i do have kiddo who proudly sits on the potty. and boy does he love getting a round of applause for it.

i think it's a fantastic first step for a fifteen month old!

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