Tuesday, April 17

how i keep my toddler busy!

i have a 17 month old toddler, and he can't sit still! he needs to be entertained every second of the day. his attention span is about 2-3 minutes. sometimes i wonder how we're i'm gonna get through the day. because he's super active and all over the place, i wanted to find a way to entertain and educate him...at the same time.

it's the simplest of things that he finds fascinating.
here are some activities that we do together:

lil' helper - if i don't give this little guy a job to do, he'll hang off my t-shirt all day. i've learned that he loves to help momma! so, if the house needs some straighten up, it always does, i let LO have a go. not only is it fun for him, but it teaches him responsibility.

he loves putting his toys aways, dusting, wiping down his little table, putting trash in the trash bin and recyclables in the recycle bin, loading the washer and dryer, and stacking books.

if you worry about your little one handling strong cleaning products, try making your own. earth easy has lots of recipes!

gardening -  when it's nice out, he hang in the garden. kids love to get dirty. and, i can't think of a better to do it. LO has so much fun digging holes and patting down soil. in the end, he's got his very own garden. one he takes care of by pulling weeds and watering his flowers. and, from time to time he's runs into earthworms and butterflies

can you catch it - there's not much to it. tossing a ball or a frisbee, and see if he can try to catch it. LO's a little young to master this, but practice makes perfect! you also get throwing and kicking practice with this one.

go for a walk - we've got some beautiful trails on my side of town. going for a walk must seem like a trek through a forest, to him. he loves exploring nature. and, he finds treasures along the way...too bad sticks and stones aren't worth money! and, don't dare put him in a stroller, he wants to walk!

go clubbing - once a day, we turn the living room into a dance club. move the coffee table out of the way, crank up the music, and dance like there's no tomorrow. this one's my favorite. we try each other's dance moves and sing so loud. there's nothing like letting loose. this is a good one for helping a kiddo get over shyness.

crafts - making macaroni necklaces helps fine tune fine motor skills. finger painting helps teach self expression. coloring and drawing gives them some practice for penmanship. and, tracing hands and feet helps teach a steady hand.

story time - before naps and bedtime, we snuggle up with a book. getting through a book page by page is a challenge these days, but he sure does love turning the pages.

mirror me - watching him try to mimic the funny faces i make is hilarious. you'd be amazed what these young ones will do. this is a great way to teach emotions and facial expressions.

follow that bubble - what kid doesn't chase bubbles? when i'm running low on energy, the bubbles come out. before you know it we're both giggling.

who spilled the beans - all you need is a handful of dry beans and a bowl. spill the beans on the table and watch your little one pinch them with those cute little fingers. the goal, put them all back in the bowl.

lil' chemist - a little food coloring turns water into wonder. put the colored water into little pitchers, and let your pumpkin practice his pouring skills.

sandbox treasures - i bury small objects in the sandbox. when he digs his hands in, he finds a surprise. i

whats in the box - i bought a lakeshore learning toy for this, but you can easily make one by cutting a whole out of a shoebox or cardboard box. put in small objects and toys of different colors and textures. he plays with this until he falls asleep, some nights.

stack blocks - stack the blocks as high as they go until they tumble over. i'm always surprised how delicate LO is with each block...his towers get so high.

out and about - trips to parks, playgrounds, aquariums, museums, farmer's markets, community gardens, hardware stores, and construction sites can save any day.

swing -  when all else fails, just swing.

things to remember:

because these little ones understand what you're saying but can't speak back, they get frustrated easily. be patient and work them through it. if that doesn't work, redirect them to another activity.

empower them by giving them choices.

they developing their imaginations...get creative. have you ever read "Not A Box"?

baby center and fun family education have tons of ideas...go check them out!

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  1. Nice meeting you! I enjoyed this piece. I do some of these things, but have been inspired for some new activities with Noah! Leila

  2. Loved reading this blog! I do some of these activities. This makes me look forward to the future with Noah. He is too young for some of the activities, but in no time he will be ready to try these ideas. Great meeting you today. Leila

    1. hi Leila! i'm happy you like it! i'm always looking for things to do with LO. entertaining him on the cheap and in the heat can be challenging at times. i hope Noah and you enjoy.

      btw: i love Space Montrose! it's a fantastic place to get all sorts of wonderful things...art, decor, baby gear, and jewelry. i bought the coolest coasters for the house and a mighty wallet for my husband (he loves it)! i never really need anything when i visit, but i want everything once i'm inside. i'm definitely making a trip soon to grab a sterling ring!


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