Saturday, April 7

i love Costco!

since moving to the burbs, or utopia for modern families as my mom-in-law calls it, i've not missed out on what the city has to offer. this place rocks! fabulous restaurants, beautiful trails, awesome parks, cool pubs, fresh farmers' markets, great shopping, and even a lake...not what i expected. we're even getting a trader joe's! i mean i'm cool, like really cool, and this place gets my cool stamp of approval.

although, there is one place i do miss dearly. we don't have a Costco. before you smirk, you should know they have an awesome selection of organic goods, fine wine, and stylish clothes for a great price! oh geez, i'm totally a mom talking about a wholesale club...hehe.

so, know i drive half an hour into town to shop at the Costco i used to live 5 minutes away from.

i buy what we need, stop by the park to play, and then get lunch at happy fatz (a haute dog bistro). we make a fun day out of it!

if you've been to a wholesale club, you know on the weekends they've got samples galore! you can practically have lunch and fill up on sample alone. pizza, sausage, pretzels, cheesecake, pie, soda, name it and it'll be handed to you on tiny napkin. my little guy can't resist the temptation, so i come prepared. i pack carrots and a cheese stick to keep him distracted.

here's what we scored today!

-red wine (great labels for 20-30% less)
-prime sirloin steaks (btw, buy the prime sirloins if you're eyeballing the choice ribeyes)
-organic free range eggs
-organic heavy cream
-travel cooler for the daddy
-hurley clothes for the kid
-dkny shorts for the mama
-dog bed for the dog
-organic grain free dog food
-hemp hearts (for my hip-vegetarian sister, she needs more fat and protein in her diet!)

do you shop at a wholesale club? what are your favorite bargain buys?

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