Monday, April 9

spicy tomato salsa...2 ingredients!

salsa might as well be a food group in our home. it tops everything from avocado to zucchini. i grew up eating fresh salsa. and, it was always front and center on the table. i'm kind of a salsa snob. although i love trying new salsa and hot sauce, i prefer a simple tomato salsa.

this recipe is an authentic mexican grandmother's recipe. it's near and dear to my heart. it is so easy to make. you only need 2 ingredients. of course, you can make it interesting by adding a little onion or garlic or mango or whatever you like. a little cumin and chili powder make this salsa a great base for chile con carne or piccadillo.

i always use serrano peppers, because i like it very spicy. if you prefer a mild salsa, you might want to use jalapeno pepper with the ribs removed. or, if you're a chile head, try habanero or the infamous ghost pepper, if you dare!


8-10 fresh serrano peppers
2 medium tomatoes

place tomatoes and serrano peppers into a large sauce pot. add water to cover tomatoes. bring to a boil and cover. boil tomatoes and serrano peppers for 15 minutes. tomato skin will probably split and serranos will darken. drain water and allow to cool for a few minutes.

carefully, without breaking the tomatoes, remove skin and stems, and remove stems from serrano peppers. place the tomatoes and serrano peppers into a food processor or blend. process until blended well.

add salt to taste.

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