Monday, May 7

I LOVE the Co-Rider toddler bike seat!

the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the birds's a splendid thing! riding a bike is just plain fun. it's was my first taste of freedom, when i was a kid. i hopped on my banana seat, and took off without a care in the world. you know, the history of how the bike changed women is pretty awesome, check it out here.

i was super stoked once my little guy was ready to go for ride with me! when i began looking for bike seats, i remembered the cool ones in holland. i loved seeing buzzillion moms riding bikes around town with their  between their arms. it's was so darling.

so, we ordered a Co-Rider. it's a front mounted child bike seat. all i can say is that i LOVE it! i couldn't be happier...definitely a smile maker! LT, my sweetie, installed it in 15 minutes. he said it was easy. 
we got it few days ago, and have been riding all weekend...morning, noon, and night. LO, my little guy, wants to ride all day. we've got to keep the bike out of sight to avoid meltdowns! he loves it, too!

it's recommended for age 2-5. but, it's perfect for my 17 month. standing at 29" tall and weighing 33 pounds, he's big enough for it. i think if your kid has good balance and footing, you'll love it too!

here are some reasons why LO and i think the Co-Rider is the best:
  • the 2-point harness straps him in
  • the saddle seat is comfortable for him
  • the feet holders protect his feet and the bike
  • the front mounting makes for a stable ride...not wobbly
  • comes with a set of handle bars just for him
  • helps develop balance and core muscles...gets him ready for riding a bike on his own
  • i can whisper in his ear when i see a bird or a squirrel
  • i can give him a little hug while riding
  • he's got a great view and adventurous ride
  • we can talk to one another while riding
  • we explore's like a fun educational lesson
  • i could go on and get the point, i love it!
here's what it looks like:

no matter what bike seat you choose for your cutie pie, always put safety first:
  • put a helmet on your kid - gotta protect that brain
  • put a helmet on yourself - set a good example
  • get noticed - wear bright clothing so drivers, bikers, and pedestrians see you
  • ride in safe, populated areas - avoid wet grounds, gravel/rocks, and big puddles
  • follow traffic rules - stop at stop signs and red lights, cross at crosswalks, and ride with traffic
  • learn hand signals - let cars know what your next move is, so they don't run you over
Kids Safe has some awesome bike safety info, here.

Bicycle Safe is a neat site that demonstrates and illustrates "how to not get hit by a car", find them here

the American Academy of Pediatrics has some tips for bike safety, read them here.

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