Friday, June 1

round the clock: 17 month old schedule

cars, trucks, big rigs, motorcycle, oh, and i can't forget about the fire trucks! if it's got wheel, LO loves it. such a boy! and, he's so rough and tumble. wrestling is his way of showing affection. although, he did start giving big, wet, sloppy kisses and saying "oognay" before bed. it's the most precious thing ever.

and, the talking. we have conversations all day. i have no freakin' idea what he's saying, but i just respond with smiles and say things like "i know" and "really". 

LO's new favorite word is "go". which is appropriate, because he just wants to go, go, go everywhere all day. he grabs us by the hand and says, you got it, "go". bored at the store...go. hungry...go. bike ride...go. bedtime...go.

the heat has arrived! this summer, we'll be hanging out in pools and splash pads. who knew a little water and sun would put a boy to bed by noon.

Dewey and LO are best buds! the poor dog gets to be his sparring partner. they can get kind of rough. check out this window pane. LO busted it with his his head. luckily he had a hard hat on!

Dewey puts up with it, because LO loves sharing his food him.

we bought a potty of few months ago, and he loved sitting on it. mostly while eating snacks. not a habit i wanted contribute to, but hey, whatever gets him to sit on it. then, he just got bored with it. i thought it better not to coerce him. so, the potty just sat all alone in our master bathroom for about a month.

these days, he's dragging it around the house like a toy. i've been reading "Once Upon a Potty" to him, and i think he's getting interested in the idea of using the potty as an actual potty. 

in a few months, i might give "potty training in three days or less" a try. i'm not really in a hurry. it's like if he's in diapers, he's still my little baby.

oh, and he LOVES his daddy!

8:00a: wake up, brush teeth, sit on potty, and play a bit

8:30a: breakfast (5 oz of whole milk, 1/2 banana, 1 egg omelet, and a slice of bacon or sausage patty)

9:00a: read books/development activity/play

10:00a: have a snack (fruit and cheese)

10:30a: go on an outing (playgroup, pool/splash pad, or run errands)

12:00p: eat lunch (4 ounces of protein [1 egg, beef, turkey, or chicken], 4 ounces of veggies)

12:30p: sit on potty, read a book, then take a nap

1:00p: nap time

3:00p: have a snack...a sippy cup (5 oz) of whole milk, fruit, and cheese

3:30p: go on an outing (park and run errands)

5:00p: play in kitchen (coloring book, scooter, or bang bowls) while i clean up a bit and get dinner ready

6:00p: bike ride with mama and daddy

6:30p: dinner (4 ounces of poultry, fish or beef, 4 ounces of veggies)

7:00p: sit on potty, then bath time

7:30p: get dressed for bed, brush teeth, cuddle up, read a book, then, go to bed

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