Friday, May 11

eat clean, get lean: day 52

i'm on day 52 of the ketogenic diet.

okay, i'm gonna be real with you. i'm totally everyday. i really shouldn't be calling it a ketogenic diet. i'm not saying that i completely fell off the wagon. i'm just not being as hardcore as i was just a few weeks ago. these days, i'm back to my usual healthy eating habits. which means no sugar, no carbs, and no processed foods, a little fruit, lots of cheese and dairy, and lean meats. but, i'm all about eating healthy! all the extra food, and i've still managed to make progress...see that below.

i'll admit, i kind of got to that point where i'm pretty comfortable with my body. not to mention, i almost became a plus-size model (for those that want an update...look for that on Monday). and since eating fried rice and ice cream is a job requirement for plus-size models, i thought i'd get a head start. hehe...just kidding about the fried rice and ice cream. but, i have been eating lots more cheese and fruit and portion sizes have almost doubled. even though it's clean and lean, it's still more food than my body needs for optimal performance. all the extra food, and i've still managed to make progress...see that below.

but, wait, hello?! i didn't get this far by cheating. and, there is no such thing as cheating a little bit.

on a more positive note, i have been drinking more water and taking my fish oil. yay for me!

my food:

i've had chinese takeout twice this week. i usually order steamed chicken and veggies with no sauce. chinese stir-fry sauce tastes so good cause it has loads of sugar. that's probably why i opted for the sauce this week. i don't know what the big deal is. it's just a little sauce, right? that's kind of been my thought process with everything i've been putting in my mouth lately.

my workout:

my knee is still out of sorts. it's achey and sore, so no leg workouts for me. i did do a barbell complex once this week with 45 pounds of upright row, cleans, shoulder press, bent over row, and curls. i asked my trainer (who also happens to be my husband) if we've been getting lazy. he said, "yeah". mind you, we had this conversation while eating chinese takeout on the sofa. at least we were eating off of ceramic plates and using silverware.

since getting the co-rider bike seat, i've gone for casual bike rides everyday (sometimes twice a day). love that! it's low impact and great exercise.

i've been stretching, too. the trigger point foam roller really gets in there. it's basically a giant meat tenderizer giving me a deep tissue massage. i love trigger points products!

hopefully that will get my knee on the mending fast track!

my progress:

arm: 12"
thigh: 22 1/4" 1/4
calf: 14"
waist: 30 1/4" 1/2
hips: 37 3/4"

despite the excess grub and lack of exercise, i lost a 1/4" from my thigh and 1/2" from my waist. not bad!

my inspiration:

i'm gonna keep stretching and taking it easy on the knee, so i can chase this little guy.

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