Monday, May 14

watch my first video blog and socially connect with me!

i've made my first video! i have absolutely no experience with digital video or editing. so, i'm pretty excited about how it turned out. not too shabby.

my recipe for bug begone is hugely popular here and on pinterest.

so, i decided to make a video for it, and post it on youtube. i'm a little nervous about sharing it. but, none the less, here it is!

i also set up a youtube channel for 'the delicious wife'. go check it out, here, and leave me some literary affection!

if you like it, take a second to subscribe to my youtube channel, so you can get updates and new videos as they come! it'll only take a second.

since we're on the topic of subscribing, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when ya'll socially connect with me. so, i might put it all out there, and pimp out all the places you can find me. ain't no shame in my game.

take a few seconds and show me some love...pretty please!

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oh, and i'd love to follow you too!

leave me a comment and let me know where i can find YOU!

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