Tuesday, May 15

UPDATE: my plus-size modeling future!

a little over a week ago, i was beaming with excitement and announced my modeling evaluation with the exclusive Page Parkes and the possibility of becoming a plus-size model. you can read that story here.

imagining the flashing lights, cameras, couture, and jet-set schedule was enough to make my head spin. to think, me, walking the runways in Europe in a matter of days. you know, they appreciate a curvy figure! and they're known for putting voluptuous girls on the cover of Vogue.

the meeting couldn't have gone any better! i was little nervous, but got it together. first, the model scout took a good look at me. i passed! she said i had a great face and would be perfect for the camera. next, was the personality portion. after a long conversation about me, she said i had a great personality and would easily get hired cause directors and producers want to work with people they like! then, it was time for the cold reading. now that was a little scary. i had no idea i'd be reading a script, but i did it! she said it was really good, and that i took direction well. then, she said she recommended that i consider acting, because i had a natural talent and great look. she also said they're expanding their international segment and don't have many women like me. i never really considered acting, but if she really thinks that's where i'd do best, i'm up for it!

this is where it's get good! after all of that, i was ready to sign on the dotted line. i mean, she was practically begging me to let them represent me! i thought there had to be catch. and, i was right. i should have brought a baseball mitt, because she was pitching!

turns out i'm perfect...for their acting classes which run about $1500! i'm not really sure what happens after i take the classes. i do remember something about auditioning for the agency after the completion of the classes and that not everyone is accepted the first time around. oh, and some people may "need" additional classes to improve if they want to audition again.

i have to be honest, i did consider taking the acting classes for fun. and, even after i knew it was a sales pitch, i still had little bit of hope that it might be totally legitimate. but, $1500 is a lot of money! and after searching the web for reviews, i found nothing but bad news. turns out, lot's of people have invested lots of money with nothing to show for it in the end. Page Parkes might very well have the best acting classes in the universe. but, you know it's a bad sign when the only info i could find was on sites like Sham Scam and Rip Off Report.

i decided to get advice from a couple of ladies who are big stars in the plus-size modeling world. Tess Munster and Mandy Fierens both say, if anyone asks for money upfront, just walk away! legitimate representation will not cost you a dime. bottom line, if an agency wants you, they'll sign you with the confidence that you'll make money. and, not only until you make money, will they make money. so, that's what i did. i walked away.

looks like i'll be my own fotog and agent, for now. besides, i look better with this little guy next to me!

here's my advice. if you're seriously wanting to pursue entertainment, then pay for legitimate acting classes. or, if you've got natural talent, just put yourself out there. that's what i'm doing! i've made my first youtube video for my vlog. it's a bit goofy, but was super fun to make. check it out, here. let me know what you think!

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  1. You ARE beautiful and that little guy is too cute for words! Love reading the blog, keep it coming! :)

    Katie Pfalzer

    1. You are way to sweet to me! But, you can go on and on about my little guy. Thanks so much!

  2. Inspiring! You would make a beautiful model!

    1. Awww...thanks! It's all I could ever want. That at least one person read and feel inspired is splendid! Now, let's talk about Ditch the Wheat...inspiring and delicious!

  3. i was beaming with excitement and announced my modeling evaluation with the exclusive Page Parkes and the possibility of becoming a plus-size model. becoming a plus size model


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