Friday, June 29

when you put all your eggs in one basket, just get more eggs!

i was picking up our breakfast plates from the dining room, which is just around the corner, when i heard this loud and messy sounding crash. when i discovered LO sitting on the floor crying next to the eggs, i knew that he knew he did something wrong. besides the fact that i was running late for a FitMoms walk, it was no big deal. i mean, who's going to get mad over something as simple as 22 busted eggs. besides, no one ever shows up to those Thursday walks which i so proudly organize...haha!

 my biggest dilemma was whether to teach my boy a lesson or to comfort him. i went with the lesson. my exact words were, "oh no! Liam Oliver, what did you do? that is not good." i was fighting back laughter and trying to get a good picture while my precious pumpkin was sobbing. after a good 45 seconds, i comforted him and asked him to help me clean it up. he refused to get his hands dirty. i grabbed a handful of paper towels, a bowl, and cleaning spray, and i tackled that eggstra messy mess like nobody's business!

we were out the door in no time, and i was only 15 minutes late to the walk. again, no big deal. i'm always hopeful to see a bunch of moms with strollers at these walks. occasionally, i get one or two here and there. i don't blame them, it's hot out! mostly, it's just me and my boy. plus, when no one shows up, i force myself to run. so, needless to say i get a good jog about once a week! what's that saying, "do your best even when no one's looking."

i guess what i'm trying to say is you've got to make the best of every moment, every day!

i'll leave you with the words of a friend of a friend who's father has been courageously fighting cancer and offered her words to live by:

"my father is now a man of few words - when he does speak, he tells me to not make the same mistakes he did, to not be angry at the world, and to do my best to make my own world better. He tells me to be a healthy person, both emotionally and physically, because in the blink of an eye, I can end up right where he is; looking back at regrets with the realization that it's too late to change those regrets. It's odd how when we're children, we think are our parents live forever. We don't realize that there's a time limit on EVERY single living creature in this world and that all of these creatures need to be treated with love and respect.'"

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