Wednesday, June 27

round the clock: 18 months old schedule

you guys, my baby is growing up. i usually don't post on Tuesday, but lots has been happening in the world of Liam Oliver (LO).

this little boy has put me to tears twice in the last two weeks. well, technically, his Daddy put me to tears by making simple observations regarding LO's development. and, i was surprised by these observations even though i spend all day with him. think?

first, LO was super sick for about a week. it sucked the joy out of my little sunshine boy. one night after LO was all better, his Daddy turned to me and said, "he's changed, he's not a baby anymore." in an instant, my lips quivered and my eyes filled with tears. i sobbed. i blame the virus for making my baby a boy!

then, last night, well after we put LO to bed, we kept hearing him kick the door. so, his Daddy checked the monitor and cracked up laughing. i snatched it out his hands to see what was so funny. he said, "is he wearing shoes? he put his shoes on so he could kick the door even harder." i took a look, and immediately began sobbing. Daddy asked why i crying. hello! LO has never put on his own shoes. that's like a big milestone stuff.

he's also eating less. i'm not sure if it's a little phase or if the picky eater stage is creeping up on us. regardless, i'm going to keep serving him what we eat. eventually, he'll get hungry, right? the funny thing is he won't skip out on the fancy stuff like creamed spinach and crab cakes. 

and he loves cooking with mama!

the summer heat is crazy! so, we've been swimming a lot. his swimming lessons are so much fun! we'll be in the water all summer.

it seems like bedtime keeps getting later and later. i'm going to keep putting him to bed between 7:30 and 8:00pm, but he doesn't actually fall asleep until 9p.

8:00a: wake up, brush teeth, sit on potty, and play a bit

8:30a: breakfast (5 oz of whole milk, 1/2 banana, 1 egg omelet, and a slice of bacon or sausage patty)

9:00a: read books/development activity/play

10:00a: have a snack (fruit and cheese)

10:30a: go on an outing (playgroup, pool/splash pad, or run errands)

12:00p: eat lunch (4 ounces of protein [1 egg, beef, turkey, or chicken], 4 ounces of veggies)

12:30p: play with blocks, puzzles, sing songs

1:30p: sit on potty, read books, then take a nap

3:30p: have a snack...a sippy cup (5 oz) of whole milk, fruit, and cheese

4:00p: go on an outing (park and run errands)

5:00p: play in kitchen (coloring book, scooter, or bang bowls) while i clean up a bit and get dinner ready

6:00p: bike ride with mama and daddy

6:30p: dinner (4 ounces of poultry, fish or beef, 4 ounces of veggies)

7:00p: sit on potty, then bath time

7:30p: get dressed for bed, brush teeth, cuddle up, and read books

8:00p: bedtime

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