Monday, July 9

a more fit-focused blog...a little change is good!

i've made a few changes around here. things were getting a little cluttered and unorganized. i began to lose focus of my true goals...motivating me and, hopefully, you!

my link bar at the top is a little different. i've consolidated some things and added some new stuff. i'm really excited! these changes will help me give you more fit-focused message.

i've had a ton of interest in my weightloss journey. it's incredibly flattering that anyone would ask me for fitness or weightloss advice. being that i once tipped the scales and an unhealthy and slow 210 pounds, i couldn't be more happy to share how i continue to reach my goals. so i've added "my weightloss". there you can find my testimony, diets, food i eat, and workouts. i hope you can find some inspiration...i know i will!

i'm also going to post videos in gym like how-to stuff and nutritional can find that under "fitness & health".

i'll still do the baby/kid/family can find that under "family & fun".

and, i'll keep playing with fashion, so i can give you taste of the things i can find that under "fash & beauty".

take a look around, and let me know what you think. i'm off on bike ride!

have a delicious day!

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